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This Week’s Polls Turns the Page

Georgia vs Alabama Photo by Skylar Lien/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

This Week’s Polls

AP Poll

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Notre Dame

4. Georgia

5. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma State

7. Texas A&M

8. Penn State

9. Cincinnati

10. Florida

11. Miami

12. BYU

13. Oregon

14. Wisconsin

14. North Carolina

16. SMU

17. Iowa State

18. Michigan

19. Virginia Tech

20. Kansas State

21. Minnesota

22. Marshall

23. North Carolina State

24. USC

25. Coastal Carolina

Coaches Poll

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Notre Dame

4. Georgia

5. Ohio State

6. Oklahoma State

7. Penn State

8. Florida

9. Texas A&M

10. Cincinnati

11. Miami

11. BYU

13. North Carolina

14. Wisconsin

15. Oregon

16. SMU

17. Michigan

18. Iowa State

19. Kansas State

20. Virginia Tech

21. Minnesota

22. North Carolina State

23. USC

24. Coastal Carolina

25. Marshall

Georgia Overview

The Dawgs fell to Alabama once again, losing in Tuscaloosa 41-24. Rather than rehashing things, let’s flip the page. We still have everything to play for this year, and we have a bye this week to fix some things before our next game against Kentucky on Halloween.


Fell Out: #15 Auburn, #18 Tennessee, #21 Louisiana

Newcomers: #22 Marshall, #23 North Carolina State, #25 Coastal Carolina


#3 Notre Dame. Well, someone has to be ranked third, might as well be Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish are undefeated, but their latest win – a 12-7 win against Louisville – didn’t inspire much confidence. Of course, the true measuring stick will come November 7th against Clemson, but right now the Irish do not seem on the same level as the Tigers.


#5 Ohio State. The Buckeyes were a preseason favorite to win it all, but a late start the Big Ten season has seen them fall since the preseason polls. The Big Ten finally starts this Saturday, and as much as I don’t like saying it, the Buckeyes are going to remind everyone how good they are.

This Week’s Top 25 Matchups

#23 North Carolina State at #14 North Carolina

#17 Iowa State at #6 Oklahoma State

#18 Michigan at #21 Minnesota

#9 Cincinnati at #16 SMU

Upset Alert

Last week, I went back-to-back with winners, correctly taking Arkansas and the points while seeing the Hogs win outright.

This week, I’m taking slight underdogs SMU to win at home against Cincinnati.