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15 Thoughts Needs the Bye

Shut up, Gary.

Georgia vs Alabama
Zeus played very well.
Photo by Skylar Lien/Collegiate Images/Getty Images

I don’t want to write it, you probably don’t want to read it, but since Vox Media sends me literally hundreds of rupees every month, I’m obligated. So here it goes:

1. At first, I was miffed that the bye week was probably amended to satisfy a certain college down in the bowels of Alachua county. Now, I’m happy the bye falls where it does. Georgia will probably begin game-planning for Florida some this week, then focus on Kentucky next week.

2. I think Macondawg has pretty much covered everything regarding our performance, offense and QB. Stetson Bennett did the best he possibly could given his limitations.

Bennett shouldn’t have been putting the ball in the air like that to begin with. Down three points in the third quarter Todd Monken inexplicably decided that getting a guaranteed 5 yards per play on the ground wasn’t good enough, putting the ball in the air repeatedly during a disastrous fourth quarter sequence when the game got completely out of hand.

His first pick was just dumb damned luck on how that ball bounced. The 2nd pick was tough as we were driving (hey, he did hit his receiver in the hands). The 3rd pick was just bad. But it all doesn’t fall upon his shoulders.

3. Run the damned ball. Especially when it was working. This was our opportunity to actually grind out some yards and perhaps wear down the ‘Bama front. We’ve got enough good backs to rotate in and out without losing much. Zamir White ran as hard as he ever has.

4. The gloves are off. Screw Jamie Newman.

5. If we were to have a rematch in December, what possible defensive adjustments could be made? The very first play of the game when Azeez Ojulari smashed Mac Jones and resulted in the Ricard LeCounte interception, we all were thinking in that moment that this is how it would be. We got a few coverage sacks during the game, but Jones had the time he needed to pitch and catch most of the night. I was really surprised we didn’t get more consistent pressure.

6. The Eric Stokes pass interference penalty was as predictable as it was damaging. I could feel it coming, and it was really a superb defensive play. That ball was uncatchable anyway. It’s as if Alabama is entitled to these kinds of calls in these kinds of moments. There are a lot of ghosts surrounding that program that just haunt everyone else. Anyway, if we hold them to a field goal here and maybe we answer. Still, you are going to lose to Kentucky Alabama if you turn the ball over 3 times in a half.

7. Still, there was a lot of good that I saw on offense. Four straight scoring drives to close out the first half certainly had us all feeling optimistic about the 2nd half. We simply got away from what got us to that good point.

8. Our special teams played very well, except for a missed field goal by Jack Podlesny which was really academic at that point. Too bad Alabama finally recruited a kicker.

9. I still think we can win the rest of the regular season with Bennett at QB. It appears we may have no choice. But if this is the plan, we’ve got to commit to the run first and design some stuff that minimizes balls being batted down at the line. Bennett had nice pockets to throw from most of the time. I’d like to see us begin incorporating D’wan Mathis or Carson Beck some going forward. It truly appears that J.T. Daniels is simply not ready to return from his ACL. Again, Macondawg nailed it:

There’s a little to fix in order to get there, but a whole lot to fix in order to keep that hypothetical rematch competitive.

A few tweaks here and there and we should be back in Atlanta. But the big red elephant that awaits is going to require more than a few tweaks to conquer.

10. I’m not sure if losing a game in excruciating, last minute fashion is a helluva lot worse than watching it evaporate with an entire quarter to go. Losing just sucks, period.

11. I guess most of us felt, when the revamped schedule was released, that we’d be 3-1 at this point of the season, so last night’s result was certainly par for the schedule as predicted by many. Every game exposes flaws. This one exposed several in alarming fashion. Some things can be fixed, but some things are what they are. There might not be any fixes. We’ll just have to play the cards we’re dealt and ride on this crazy train as long as it will take us.

Just beat Florida.

12. Positives? Sure. The aforementioned Zamir White, who was obviously not 100% last week vs. Tennessee after getting dinged on the Vols gift touchdown, was back. Kendall Milton continues to impress with his toughness. James Cook as a receiver is where his talents ultimately lie. I was a bit surprised the Kenny McIntosh didn’t get more touches, but who did in the 2nd half? The offensive line, for the most part, did their job and our cadre of young receivers, particularly Jermaine Burton. This true freshman is going to be a star.

13. I’ve decided that the number 13 was unlucky. I’m not going to have a 13th thought.

14. It could be worse. We could be Auburn. Or, Tennessee.

15. I’m glad this piece is over.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll try and do better next time, but need some therapy first.

As Always, GO DAWGS!