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The Battle Hymnal: Georgia vs Auburn Preview

Georgia v Arkansas Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The guys from The Battle Hymnal got together on Wednesday night to preview Georgia’s upcoming matchup against the Auburn Tigers.

  • JT Daniels has a hot beer gut... And he understands Air Raid passing concepts
  • If the Dawgs stop Seth Williams they’ll probably win. Graham tells you how they’ll do it.
  • Nathan gives us a breakdown of what to expect from he Auburn defense
  • If the run game opens up for Georgia they’ll blow Auburn out
  • Bringing Stetson Bennett IV into the game on Saturday was important, but bringing in Warren McClendon and Warren Ericson to anchor the right side of the line was just as crucial
  • Graham and Nathan nerd out on blocking techniques
  • Josh gives us some fun info
  • SCORE PREDICTIONS (that are sure to be wrong) YOU CAN TAKE TO YOUR BOOKIE

Thanks for watching, and Go Dawgs, y’all.