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Thursday ‘Dawg Bites: Leadership, Commitment, and Sad Lil Aubbies.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Arkansas Brett Rojo-USA TODAY Sports

At last, our long creamsicle nightmare is over, as Cade Mays has been cleared to play for Tennessee. I don’t begrudge Mays his chance to play in Knoxville. Life’s just too short to get bent out of shape about this stuff. Mostly I’m just glad we can stop hearing about Mays, and he finally gets to slip quietly into his role as one of the better players on a 6-4 Tennessee team before leaving to sign an NFL free agent deal.

Kearis Jackson may have led the Bulldogs in receptions and receiving yards against Arkansas, but it sounds like he’s not satisfied with how he or the rest of the receiving unit executed.

Speaking of receiving, Todd Hartley picked up a big time commitment from a sophomore tight end prospect with amazing potential.

Spurlin moved from Marietta down to Santa Rosa Beach, Florida this year. And while the combination of that move and two years before he can sign would make me think this commitment isn’t likely to stick, Spurlin’s parents, grandparents, and even aunts and uncles attended UGA and he’s a lifelong Bulldog fan. Georgia was his dream offer and barring unforeseen circumstances this commitment is likely to stick.

Ahead of this weekend’s 124th meeting between Georgia and Auburn Jake Rowe looks at some of the most impressive performances for Bulldog players in the series. For my money, none surpasses Tra Battle coming out of nowhere to pick off three Brandon Cox passes for a struggling Bulldog team to seal the win over a top 5 Auburn team and turn the 2006 season around.

Over at College and Magnolia, the Aubbies hate Georgia the way you should hate the school that’s beaten your team 8 out of 10 and 12 out 15. Georgia owns Auburn so thoroughly Kirby should have his own Mama Goldberg’s.

Finally, your morning words of wisdom. In this time of division and strife, it is important to find those who can show genuine leadership.

Remember. In this election season politicians may act juvenile. But only Wu Tang is truly for the kids. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!