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God Speed, Jake Fromm.

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Texas A&M v Georgia Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In the end, there’s not really a lot to say. And Jake Fromm covered most of it.

Good luck, Jake. We’ll always have Pasadena. And Jacksonville. And a lot of other big wins in a lot of places.

I still believe that Jake Fromm’s plan coming into the 2019 season was probably to turn pro unless something unexpected happened. Any trepidation about adhering to that plan would have resulted from changed evaluations following a less than stellar second half to the season. Assuming scouts were not concerned by his performance, and that they still view Jake as a first or second round talent, there was no need to deviate from the plan.

The Bulldog quarterback job is now wide open in a way that it has not been for three seasons. Talk all you will about Justin Fields and his immense talent, I don’t think anyone expected him to come in as a true freshman and fully supplant the quarterback who had just played for a national title. In 2020, however, true freshmen, returning players, and potential transfers will all be vying to take over the controls of a team which otherwise is stacked with depth and talent. It is a plum assignment, and one which UGA fans desperately want someone to ace.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!