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Terry Fair Passes Away

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It is a sad day for Bulldogs everywhere. One of the all time greats of Georgia Basketball, Terry Fair, has passed away.

Fair was the lynchpin in Coach Hugh Durham’s 1983 Final Four run. And by any measure is on the Mount Rushmore of Bulldog Men’s Basketball.

The Southwest High School (Macon) product came in Athens in 1979. Four years later he left as the leader in just about all statistical categories. His 1,492 points was top 5 at the time, and he still ranks 2nd all-time in rebounds (923) and 6th in steals (194). He was as versatile and all-around as you can get.

I saw Fair play in high school and you knew he was something special, playing for Don Richardson and winning the national championship in 1979. I’m not gonna lie, this one strikes a little close to home.

Feel free to reminisice about Terry Fair and those unlikely Bulldogs of the early 80’s. Hug a loved one, and as always...