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Coley Goes To Aggieland

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New Georgia offense won’t include Coley

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 14 Arkansas State at Georgia

Once Todd Monken’s hire was announced, you could maybe see it coming.

With Buster Faulkner shedding an offensive coordinator role at a FBS program for an off-field role, you could see it coming a bit more.

The subliminal messages being sent by Kirby Smart made it clear that Georgia’s offensive past is that - the past with spread-focused coaches coming to The Classic City.

James Coley is departing Georgia to join Jimbo Fisher’s staff at Texas A&M.

The obvious question now becomes what happens to the now vacant role on the coaching staff. The easy guess is that Buster Faulkner gets a battlefield promotion to QBs coach.

Whether this was the Aggies backing up that good old Texas money to Coley or a deal of Coley asking his agent to get him a job away from Athens, it’s not a stunner for Coley to presumably look elsewhere after being demoted.

Georgia will miss his offensive acumen, but also his Florida recruiting ties more.

The other side of it is this. Kirby Smart has built a robust program set up to reload anytime someone leaves, be it players or coaches.

The fact that there’s not a big level of worry with two top recruiters having now left - Sam Pittman and now Coley, says a lot for where the program is and with the way things are going, will be for a long time.

Go Dawgs