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Hardman extends UGA’s Super Bowl Streak

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Super Bowl to include Georgia player for 19th year in a row

AFC Championship - Tennessee Titans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

For the 19th year in a row, at least one Georgia Bulldog will be in the Super Bowl.

With Kansas City’s win on Sunday, it guaranteed that Mecole Hardman’s breakout rookie season will include playing on the NFL’s biggest and brightest stage.

Hardman’s biggest part in Sunday’s win came in the late stages as he drew a pass interference penalty off a Patrick Mahomes pass to keep a drive alive and help seal the win.

And then there was his phenomenal arrival at Arrowhead Stadium.

Opposing fans can chirp all the wish about when Georgia’s last national title was. But as recruiting goes, touting yet another former Dawg in the Super Bowl carries a whole lot of weight when you’re going after guys born after the year 2000.

Go Dawgs!

Mecole Hardman will represent the Kansas City Chiefs and the Georgia Bulldogs in Super Bowl LIV.

Hardman, the rookie receiver/returner, helped the Chiefs defeat Tennessee 35-24 on Sunday in the AFC Championship Game. Kansas City will take on NFC champion San Francisco, which does not have any Bulldogs on the roster, in the Super Bowl.

Hardman’s appearance in the title game on Sunday, Feb. 2, will extend Georgia’s streak of a player on a Super Bowl roster to 19 straight years.