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Georgia #4 in final AP poll

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Sugar Bowl - Georgia v Baylor

LSU’s obviously #1 in the college football universe for 2019, but the Georgia Bulldogs checked in at #4 in the final results released this morning.

That sounds about right for a Bulldog team that finished 12-2 with only an anomalous loss to 4-8 South Carolina and a loss to eventual undefeated national champion LSU. Still a brutally depleted Georgia team managed to hang closer to the Bayou Bengals than Oklahoma (which finished #7). Florida finished #6, which Gator fans will say means they’re back. If by “back” they mean “right in back of Georgia” then I guess that’s accurate. Alabama finished #8, the fourth highest ranked team in the SEC. Cue the offseason of Finebaum callers wondering if Coach Saban has lost his edge.

Outside the SEC Minnesota finished #10, which is the Gophers’ first top ten finish since, well, I don’t feel like looking it up but in a long dang time. The Fleckening intensifies.

10-4 Wisconsin checks in at #11 right in front of 11-2 Notre Dame, which seems a bit odd to me, but then I’ve never shed a whole lot of tears for a disrespected Notre Dame and I decline to start now. Auburn finished 14th, which is about where you’d expect with a very good defense and a freshman quarterback. It will be interesting to see what the Tigers look like next season with a more seasoned Bo Nix, a younger defense, and Chad Morris taking over as the sharp offensive mind Gus Malzahn ignores in favor of his own ideas.

I want to win a national championship. All Georgia fans do. But in the end I can’t help but be pretty pleased with a season that ends with Georgia ranked #4 in the country, ahead of all our traditional rivals. Also there’s a good bit to look forward to in 2020, as you may have heard.

It’s Georgia’s third straight top ten finish and the second top five finish under Kirby Smart. Because we track these things, Mark Richt also finished in the top ten in years two, three, and four of his tenure. But after his phenomenal year two his Bulldogs didn’t finish in the top five again until 2007, his seventh season in Athens.

We now return you to your football offseason and your college basketball/gymnastics regular seasons, already in progress.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!