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‘Dawgs Remain #3 In SB Nation’s FanPulse Top 25

Also, we sleep upon the Wisconsin Badgers at our own peril.

Georgia v Vanderbilt Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

A few weeks ago SB Nation released the preseason rankings for its College Football FanPulse initiative. For those of you who may not know, FanPulse is a weekly survey sent out by SB Nation in which you the fans get to rank the college football top 25. Don’t like the AP rankings? Think a certain team is over or underrated? Well then let your voice be heard with FanPulse instead of yelling about it on Twitter! (Haha we’re kidding, keep doing that, your Twitter outrage makes us feel alive.)

Well, we’ve now seen a full week of college football, and things haven’t changed all that much from where they were before the season. Clemson remains #1 by a convincing margin, Alabama is #2, and your Georgia Bulldogs continue at #3.

A few additional notes:

Four SEC teams occupy the top ten, including Auburn, which made a big move after defeating Oregon in Dallas. To repeat:

It’s happening. You’ve been warned.

I personally ranked Wisconsin much higher (#10) than the poll as a whole after watching them run over and through South Florida while holding the Bulls to 26 total rushing yards. The Badgers are angry this season, my friends.

The poll continues to be chock full of Big Ten teams in the bottom half, most of whom will end the year a respectable 9-3, earning a 2020 preseason ranking between 16th and 25th. It’s the circle of life.

Remember that you can still sign up to have your voice heard as part of the FanPulse Poll. Without you we may have to stop it at 10 teams because Auburn fans can’t count any higher. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!