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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Knows Something’s Going On

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Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia
Uga knows something’s going on
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog fans! In case you didn’t know, I spent my formative years in the 80’s (emotional development was thwarted during the same span). As such, I will try to bring you the best** music from this seminal decade that gave us Doppler radar. And if anything was used more than the UT offensive line this weekend, it was Doppler radar websites.

Saturday’s win versus Vanderbilt has a very specific result. It gives us a divisional win, a conference win on the road, and achieves step 1 of the 2019 season goals. It also gives the fanbase a reason to ask questions. Namely... what happened? Did we keep hidden a few wrinkles out of our base formations? Was James Coley using Nashville to test various OL/WR/RB combinations? Did Kirby actually call off the ‘Dawgs? Unless you have a reserved parking spot at Butts-Mehre, you don’t know the answer. But I’m not worried... yet. Because I have faith in the UGA coaching staff, and in my heart of hearts, I know something’s going on.

Now let’s move on to news and notes from the University of Georgia.

One of the big question marks going into Saturday night was what we would get from the inexperienced Georgia receiving corps. More than once, Hines Ward has been mentioned half-jokingly as a perfect candidate to come back to Athens in a coaching role. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who thought this was a good idea.

While there was good news from our newbie pass-catching ‘Dawgs, there was also some bad news. Kearis Jackson suffered multiple breaks in his right hand and could be out until mid-season.

Rodri-GOAT received some recognition as SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. Future NFL draftee Andrew Thomas got some of the same love, as Offensive Lineman of the Week.

Saturday’s home opener should be a hot one. The Bulldogs welcome the Racers of Murray State mid-afternoon, where temps are currently forecast to be Williams-Brice-like. We also know the game will be carried on ESPN2, and mixed reactions to the announcing crew.

And while the game may look to be played on the same turf, same aluminum benches, and same Hedges, it’s actually a brand new field. Okay, just the name. It will still be a special week, dedicating the field at Sanford Stadium after the most successful coach in the history of Georgia Bulldog football.

Monday was a practice day, and as ever the good folks at the Red and Black provided a practice report. Following the bad news about Kearis Jackson, there appears to be some positive reports on Jamaree Salyer and Julian Rochester, both coming off off-season injuries. I’d like a little more insight on Malik Herring, if you don’t mind.

The Athens Banner-Herald graded out the various units from Saturday’s victory against the Commodores. Hint: it wasn’t bad, coulda been better. I might only quibble with the special teams grade given out.

I hope everyone had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. And that any in the path of Dorian are able to make appropriate plans for evacuating and/or preparing. Like many of you, I have family who are forced to leave their residence on the coast, and there’s still a chance Dorian takes an unfriendly westward jog. Stay safe, y’all, and as always...


**Best is a subjective term.