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Evening Open Thread: Congrats to Playoff Contender North Carolina!

NCAA Football: Clemson at North Carolina
“Smile, Junior.”
Nell Redmond-USA TODAY Sports

With the exception of North Carolina taking Clemson to the limit before ultimately succumbing, it’s been a fairly forgettable afternoon of games. Especially if you’re a Texas A&M fan.

But the night time is often the right time for all heck to break loose in college football land. So let’s see what’s on tap. As always you can find the full television schedule, lovingly prepared but RedCrake, right here.

Mississippi State visits #7 Auburn for a 7:00 ESPN kickoff. Kentucky and South Carolina square off at 7:30 on SEC Network in a game Will Muschamp really, really needs to win.

Outside God’s own college football conference #5 Ohio State visits Nebraska for a 7:30 ABC kickoff. If you’re waiting for the game a legit defense makes Justin Fields look normal, well, this may not be it. And if you have the ACC Network, first, my condolences. Second, you get to watch Florida State’s continued disintegration against NC State. Or maybe this is the night Willie Taggart starts to turn things around. But probably not.

ESPN has UCLA visiting Arizona at 10:30 for the true late night football addicts, along with FS1, which will have #19 Utah hosting Washington State at 10:00. That’s not a bad payload of PAC-12 after dark, friends.

So enjoy the unexpected twists, keep it civil, and....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!