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Thursday Morning Bye Week Dawg Bites

This is the time to heal up, get healthy and reflect on the week that was. Enough about me. I’m sure the team needs the bye, too.

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NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Do you know how hard it is to get an Uber/Lyft after 94,000 + fans leave Sanford Stadium at about the same time just a few ticks before midnight? I’m still waiting on the corner of Baxter Street and Lumpkin and my feet hurt.

What an experience Saturday night was. I make the trek up to Athens at least once every fall and the game didn’t disappoint. Well, maybe it did a little...but a “W” is all that matters. As the kids say, that atmosphere was “on fleek.” Oh, and does anyone still believe Brian Kelly didn’t, *ahem*, suggest a few players take a dive or two? Here’s my answer:

Let’s see what’s happening with some newsy notes and tiddly bits...

All kidding aside (mostly), this is ultra cool and super classy:

I wouldn’t mind playing The Fighting Irish more often. There weren’t that many Irish fans at the game, but the gentleman sitting directly behind me, when I asked how Athens treated him, simply said, “wonderful” with a genuine smile on his face.

Do you need a primer on Georgia Football terminology? If so, this article from the Macon Telegraph has got you covered.

As you would expect after such a physical game, Wednesday’s practice notes from 247 Sports tells the tale of a couple of Dawgs that were a bit dinged.

More news and notes from UGASports’ website, including some quotes from a few players that are really looking forward to a weekend off before resuming hostilities up in Knoxville a week from Saturday.

This is pretty cool:

Is Kirby going to open things up going forward? I think he needs to.

Second guessing in college football? Kirby Smart knows it comes with the territory.

Former Georgia QB and current college football broadcast analyst Aaron Murray feels our close win was just fine and dandy.

The Athletic’s Seth Emerson ($$) has a nice piece on Dan Lanning and why “havoc” and “sacks” are related, but aren’t necessarily the same thing. Hey, as long as our defense continues to shine, I’m good.

Okay, folks. That’s all I’ve got. Have yourselves a good, productive day and don’t take that last cup of coffee without puttin’ on another pot. Only Dan Mullen would do something like that.

As Always, GO DAWGS!