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Afternoon Games Open Thread: The Malzahn Fisher Contract Construction Classic.

Tulane v Auburn
Just a man. A man in a suit. A man in a suit contemplating the enormity of his buyout.
Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

There’s still an entire rotation of college football games standing between you and kickoff in Sanford Stadium. Fortunately, some of them are good enough to hold your attention.

Texas A&M will host Auburn at 3:30 on CBS in a game of top 15 teams I still feel that I don’t really know anything about.

Louisville visits FSU at 3:30 on ESPN is a matchup in which both victor and vanquished are likely to be miserable in the long run no matter how today goes.

And Kentucky heads to Starkville for their allotted dose of CLANGA at 4:00 EST on SECN.

As always you can find the full TV schedule here thanks to RedCrake, a fine American and above average iguana wrestler. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!