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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

The time to rise has been engaged...

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

When you’re the #3 team in the country and you’re hosting the #7 team in the country, it’s time to get to work. When you’ve handled what’s been thrown at you to an exceptional degree and people are still questioning your mettle, it’s time to get to work. When you have a smoker and a fridge full of ribs that aren’t going to cook themselves, it’s time to get to work. When you have 14 hours until game time to kill and a liquor cabinet full of unacceptably full bottles, it’s time to get to work.

Let’s get to work:

And now, your Gameday Morning Dawg Bites:

We’ll begin as usual with a few tidbits from Twitter:

  • As always, if you missed the @GeorgiaFootball Game Trailer, it’s worth a view:
  • Also, the squad from Georgia Strength and Conditioning met up with a former Bulldog great for a bit of fun:
  • Speaking of Mr. Pollack, he has some thoughts on Kirby’s Dawgs. Now, typically, one might dismiss this as a former player wearing red and black-colored glasses. But David Pollack has never been one to shy away from criticizing his alma mater... sometimes leading to accusations that he’s been overly critical. That no longer appears to be the case. I wonder what the difference could be?
  • At first, I was ready to dismiss this as hyperbole... but I’m not going to argue with Terrance Edwards, are you?
  • The Macon Telegraph has a nice profile of Mark Webb, Jr. that is worth your time.
  • I’ll give it to the staff of SBNation’s Notre Dame site, One Foot Down, they are not homers. Kudos for some quality analysis and a range of opinions all based in what amounts to reality, given what we know at this point in the season.
  • Finally, Kirby introduces Havoc Rate to the Wall Street Journal.

This is your Gameday Morning Open Comment Thread. Use it to kill the hours until the Dawgs take the field, give your thoughts on College Gameday and that ugly orange bus they’re sullying the natural beauty of our campus with, share your thoughts about tonight’s game, and dispense any information you see fit about your early morning plans whether on campus or off. Macondawg will be back a bit later with your afternoon threads and, of course, your threads for tonights epic showdown between your #3 Georgia Bulldogs and the #7 Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Until then...