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Cocktail Thursday: Notre Dame Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are about to square off in the most anticipated game of the college football weekend against a top 10 intersectional opponent, you could probably use a drink. Allow me to help.

This weekend’s game between the #3 ranked Bulldogs and #7 ranked Fighting Irish has the potential to be the marque game of the first third of the college football season. While big early season games at neutral sites are now an established part of the schedule, and Kirby Smart is doing his dead level best to upgrade the Athenians’ home-and-home schedule, there still aren’t very many games like this that match storied programs who also happen to both be playing some of the best football in their recent histories.

In this respect the game isn’t just a chance to augment our strength of schedule and playoff resume. It’s also a chance to showcase everything that this UGA football program, and the thriving community surrounding it, have become.

Others have acquainted you with the reasons you should be concerned about this game, and walked you through the advanced statistical justification for being pretty confident.

I’m just here to remind you once again to behave yourselves and show the visitors, and a national TV audience, the best of what Athens has to offer.

To that end, this week’s cocktail is designed to make our guests feel at home. If you see a visitor from South Bend, and you have the necessary accoutrements, I suggest you offer them an Athens Car Bomb.

What? Never heard of this potent potable despite years in the Classic City? Allow me.

Start with half a pint of Athens-based Creature Comforts Brewing Co.’s Awaken, My Love imperial stout, made with Guatemalan coffee and cinnamon. Pour it into a pint glass. Next, add half an ounce of Bailey’s Irish cream and half an ounce of the Irish whiskey of your choice to a shot glass. Then drop the shot glass into the pint glass and drink the whole thing. Not at once mind you, unless you actually are Irish.

This will serve as the Open comment thread for those of you intent on watching Houston/Tulane, or whatever else you’re watching on Thursday night. I hear there’s also a baseball game of some import?

Go ‘Dawgs!!!