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Chapel Bell Curve: The Luck of the Irish 2-for-1 Special Edition

A visiting dignitary to preview our visiting dignitaries from South Bend

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

The boys are back with not one, but two editions of Chapel Bell Curve. Highlights include:

  • About 30 seconds of what was in real-time a 5 minute rant from Nathan about ecclesiastical Latin
  • Reasons why this is a big game (duh)
  • Nathan stereotypes CBC listeners
  • What the stats tell us about the Fightin’ Irish
  • How these two teams match up from a statistical standpoint
  • Unitarian Transcendentalism


So give it a listen and a leave review here or at your finest podcastier. If you want to support a couple of stats Dawgs, check out our Patreon (we have cool benefits!). We’ll catch you this weekend in the Classic City for the big game, but until then, GO DAWGS!!!