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Chapel Bell Curve: The Predator Comes to Riverdale

The good, the great, and the horrifying atomization of a football team.

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

Look at me, I’m the one who posts the podcast episodes now. After breaking down the numbers from the Arkansas State game, the boys are back with their newest edition of Chapel Bell Curve. Highlights include:

  • A bunch of new info about the Patreon (*looks suggestively at the link* just saying, you could check it out)
  • What is a Redcoat schedule, anyway?
  • How boringly dominant can a team be statistically?
  • Justin talks about Ash Ketchum for 2 uninterrupted minutes, for some reason
  • Stats, stats, stats, stats, stats, stats, EVERYBODY.
  • Nathan waxes rhapsodic on the walk down from the Battle Hymn Solo
  • Nathan also yells a lot about sousaphone playing, for some reason

So listen, rate, review, then listen again at your artisanal podcastery of choice. And....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!