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First Quarter Open Thread

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to another college football Saturday in Athens.

Before we get things kicked off, I wanted to give one more virtual slap on the back to every member of this community and everyone in Bulldog Nation who did their part to let Coach Anderson and his family know that they’re not alone, and that their wife, mother, and friend Wendy is on our hearts today. You shown the entire country, even those who couldn’t care less about college football, the kind and caring spirit I’ve known UGA fans in general, and y’all in particular, to have for years. You’re all Damn Good Dawgs.

Now, let’s see how Kirby Smart’s team contends with what will almost certainly be an emotional Arkansas State team that brings a long list of offensive playmakers to Athens. If the Red Wolves are vulnerable it may well be on defense and in particular against the running game. If the Red and Black can establish D’Andre Swift & Co. early, they may be able to take control of this one from the get-go.

But we do not want to let the visitors from Jonesboro hang around. Justin and Nathan were not kidding on CBC this week when they said the Red Wolves are likely the best team we’ve seen this season. Dispatching them early and getting rested up for next week’s showdown with the Fighting Irish should be the objective. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!