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Sound The Whistle. It’s Time For Friday Dawg Bites

Daily reminder to Wear Pink For Wendy

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Starting off, we can’t thank the Dawg Nation enough for mobilizing this week with all the excitement to Pink Out Sanford and #WearPinkForWendy on Saturday.

Even SVP has taken note...

Shifting gears, let’s talk misery of our neighbors up north in the Volunteer state. If you live in North Georgia or had to endure the 1990s of Georgia football, you have no sympathy for the Vols. Eli Wolf, however, is in a unique situation, graduate transferring from UT to Athens.

Speaking of the 90s, sad news from that era with the passing away of Robert Arnaud. He wasn’t the flashiest guy in the world, but showed a lot of grit - a trait that landed him with the Ravens during a Super Bowl season.

The Red & Black takes a nice behind the scene look at some of the folks that make gamedays happen in Athens.

Somehow, The Loadout seems appropriate.

Go Dawgs!