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Chapel Bell Curve: The Stats-Focused Podcast Who Cried (Red) Wolf

University of Georgia Campus Photo by John Powell/Replay Photos via Getty Images

After parsing the numbers on Georgia’s whoopin’ of Murray State Justin and Nathan return to pick the statistical nits on the Arkansas State Red Wolves. Among the highlights are:

• Why Arkansas State is probably the best team Georgia’s played so far.

• Further thoughts on Georgia’s 3rd down numbers, which remain a conundrum.

•Arkansas State’s statistical profile, which two games in makes UGA’s look perfectly clear.

• A non-statistical analysis of which UGA wide receiver you’d want by your side in a bar fight based on name alone.

• Why this game is going to infuriate you at a visceral level (hint: probably gonna involve Stetson Bennett, but it’s really nbd in the broad sweep of things).

So listen, rate, review, then listen again at your artisanal podcastery of choice. And....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!