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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites Wants To See You In Pink

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NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 15 Vanderbilt at Georgia Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A wonderful thing happened yesterday, and it was done by you, the Dawg Sports readers. As some of you know, I wrote my usual column on hatred for that week’s opponent with a twist on Monday, and expressed that I don’t know how to hate a team that’s coached by a man who just lost his wife to breast cancer. Wendy Anderson, the wife of coach Blake Anderson, passed away on August 19th. I talked about this sport of football that we all love, and how it can be a beautifully simple distraction in times of distress. My hope then and now was that Coach Anderson gets to have that for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

A few of you commented on that post, specifically Rufus67, GradyDawg and BuckyDawg, with the idea that it would be cool if the fan base wore pink ribbons and attire to honor Wendy Anderson on Saturday. I saw the comments and thought it would be a great way to show support for Coach Anderson, so I took a screenshot of them and tweeted it out on my account. Macondawg shared it on the Dawg Sports twitter feed late last night and it started to get some traction. Next, he wrote a note about the #WearPinkForWendy idea and shared it on the Dawg Sports Facebook page. I thought macondawg’s note was really well put, so last night I took its contents and made a little homemade graphic, tweeting it out before I went to bed. My hope was that it might get shared and make a ripple.

Then something really damn cool happened. Because of you fine folks, and the efforts of Bulldog Nation and many others, this image was shared more times Tuesday than I can possibly calculate. Some articles started popping up on the internet. Like here. And here. Saturday Down South wrote an article about the idea. Then channel 13 WMAZ in Macon picked it up. A station serving the Fort Smith and Fayetteville communities of Arkansas ran the story too. Mark Packer, host of SiriusXMU’s “Off-Campus” radio show spoke about it on his show. An organization called Bulldogs Battling Breast Cancer picked it up and got even more people on board.

This evening, some officials of the University of Georgia took notice and officially endorsed #WearPinkForWendy

Most importantly, the man who we all want to show support for saw it.

I’m a new contributor here, but I’ve followed the happenings on this site for years. Seeing our little corner of the bulldog internet come up with this beautiful idea has really touched me. This is a wonderful thing, and I want to stress again that it all started with y’all. So thank you Dawg Sports readers. You’re awesome people with big hearts and it has been incredible to watch what you’re capable of over the last 48 hours.

Hopefully, the word will continue to spread and #WearPinkForWendy will get enough publicity that there will be tons of pink in Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

Of course, our grassroots movement isn’t the only thing going on in the world of Georgia Football...

- Georgia’s game against Notre Dame will have a record crowd for Sanford Stadium, with 500 extra seats being brought in for the game.

- Kirby Smart is not fond of the locker rooms Georgia is forced to deal with when taking road trips in the SEC.

- Nolan Smith’s play and practice habits are earning him praise from the head dawg.

- James Cook’s versatility isn’t a surprise to Georgia’s coaching staff, and the plan is to get him the ball more as the season goes on.