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Monday Morning Dawg Bites

It’s Time To Do More. It’s Game Week Monday!

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Vanderbilt v Georgia
Farewell, offseason. It’s time to tackle game week.
Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Congrats, Dawgs. We’ve made it. It’s Monday. It’s game week, ending our long national nightmare of the college football offseason.

Obviously, the energy builds up to Georgia teeing it up on Saturday night against Vandy and hopefully an absence of a nonsensical targeting call. As we start game week, a few links around Dawg Nation...

Aside from figuring out its QB, Vanderbilt’s other tall task will be replacing multiple offensive linemen. Saturday, this new group goes against Georgia. So much for easing into the season...

Speaking of the Commodores, our friends at Anchor of Gold have a preview of the QB position.

Terry Hoage had multiple heroics as a Bulldog, one of his biggest came in 1983 at Vanderbilt. Here’s a look back with some calls by Munson, of course. Sidenote: these types of weekly coaching shows are missed.

David Paschall of the Chattanooga Times-Free Press takes a look at Jake Fromm’s downfield view of both football and beyond.

In terms of being versatile, Tyrigue McGhee looks ready for fit the bill for Georgia’s defense, as the Red & Black explains.

In the land of college kids making mistakes but also having to deal with draconian rules of cutting a hand off because of a minor arm injury, one of Geogia’s redshirt freshmen has run afoul of the UGA Police.

It remains a credit to Kirby Smart that he can land top-rated recruiting classes when opposing schools with more lax rules and regs likely use it as negative recruiting against the Dawgs.

Dawn of the Dawg notes that Chip Patterson sees Georgia as the SEC’s most overrated team. Hey, even Bandit Darville had enemies.

As high school football gets national exposure these days, so do Georgia commits - something that can’t hurt UGA’s recruting haul. A few had some highlight-worthy plays of note.

Mark Richt is just out here living his best life.

Go Dawgs!