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Gameday Morning Dawg Bites and Open Comment Thread

And I don't know how much longer I can take it....

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Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2019 season is upon us!

Kind of.

Week 0 is a strange thing. I'm excited, of course, but something is just not right.

Every year I have that balance of I-can-hardly-sleep anticipation and worst-case-scenario dread. It’s a distinct feeling that only college football can give me. It’s a perfect feeling and my favorite feeling and Week 0 is making it just the tiniest bit imperfect. It’s an opening day that isn’t. A Christmas morning where every box is socks and underwear. And that imperfection leads us to this morning’s musical selection.

For the first time this year, I'm going to let Michael, Peter, Mike, & Bill take it away. Let's go:

And now for some Dawg Bites and other assorted minutiae from around college football’s first day:

  • College Gameday will be live from Disney World, featuring people who are willing to pay for the privilege to stand amassed behind Kirk Herbstreit. As someone who, over a decade ago, stood on the Myers Quad for around 7 hours with his “Who’s Afraid of the Armani Bear?” sign (I apologize for cursing us, by the way), believe me when I say you should save your money.
  • Speaking of Herbie, here is his list of preseason UGA Herbie Award nominees. That is, if you care about the opinion of a man who couldn’t figure out a way a beat Ray Goff in a bowl game... which is a pretty low bar.
  • Those first two sentences give me all the feels. Also, if you care about the NFL/Fantasy Football, there is ostensibly an AJ Green update.
  • Yesterday’s practice report is full of juicy tidbits. Nakobe Dean is back, Azeez is running with the first team, and Jamaree Salyer is probably still sporting that troubling walking boot.
  • If you’re one for predictions, ESPN’s Cole Cubelic has the Dawgs winning the National Championship. So, too, does Stewart Mandel of The Athletic ($) (Obligatory: You should be a subscriber if you aren’t). I wonder what the folks in Montana think about that. Also, God bless The Athletic staff. Y’all’s views on Michigan are straight wild.
  • Finally, the AJC has a nice profile on Lawrence Cager.

This is your open comment thread for the first gameday of the year. Use it to share your plans, thoughts about the season ahead, comment on whatever tomfoolery Herbstreit and Corso get up to, and give your thoughts on Villanova/Colgate and Samford/Youngstown St. (should you choose to watch them). Macondawg will be back later this afternoon with another thread for the evening’s abomination in Orlando.

Until later...