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Georgia in position to add nation’s top tailback to 2020 class?

SEC Championship - Auburn v Georgia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Fans of college football recruiting know that 247Sports’ crystal ball predictions are an interesting way to keep tabs on what some of the recruiting industry’s top experts believe high school prospects will eventually sign. While the crystal ball is not infallible, it is often a good way to get a feel for what some of the “professional insiders” are thinking and hearing about the nation’s most sought after recruits. If rumors are the currency of recruiting, crystal bowls are the closest thing to a stock exchange telling you what the rumors are going for these days.

Georgia fans should really hope that the crystal ball is well-tuned, at least as regards one major prospect out of the state of Texas. That’s because several recruiting analysts recently picked Georgia as the ultimate destination of the nation’s top tailback, Houston (North Shore) standout Zachary Evans.

The most recent pick was an intriguing one, coming from Brian Perroni of Gigem247, Texas A&M’s site on the 247Sports network. The home state Aggies have been seen as a real threat to sign Evans, along with LSU and Alabama.

Perroni’s pick, along with those of Texas insider Mike Roach, UGA writer Kipp Adams, and 247 national writer Steve Wiltfong (all within the last two weeks) make it seem a little like the writing is on the wall with this decision. Again I say, the crystal ball isn’t infallible. But at this point if Evans didn’t pick the Red and Black it would be a bit of an upset.

Remember, the Bulldogs just secured a commitment from five star California running back Kendall Milton a few days ago. Both prospects have been clear that the Bulldog coaching staff is selling the opportunity to play behind an unbelievably talented offensive line and to share carries with other elite tailbacks so as to maintain some “tread on the tires” so to speak when these players get ready to go to the NFL. It is a pretty compelling recruiting pitch, one which Georgia has made good use of in the past with combinations like Gurley/Marshall, Chubb/Michel, and Cook/White.

If it works in this instance, it would help the ‘Dawgs in their quest to catch the current leader on the recruiting board, the Clemson Tigers. Clemson‘s recruiting class is almost full, and if you believe recruiting rumors Georgia’s is too, although not publicly. A commitment from Evans, the sixth-rated player in America for the class of 2020, would go a long way to build excitement for the stretch run and perhaps sway the last handful of remaining UGA targets.

Evans is the type of player who other schools will stay after right up until Signing Day, so even if he does announce for the Athenians expect lots of rumors right on into December. But if he does end up in red and black, it would be a huge coup for Kirby Smart and Dell McGee. Until later...

Go ‘‘Dawgs!!!