Jake Fromm 2020 NFL Draft Scouting Report


#11 Jake Fromm (Jr.) QB 6-2 220. Has appeared in 29 games with 28 starts. A cerebral QB. A football junkie. Loves to learn as much about the position of QB as possible. A very quick learner. Decent athlete. Has decent straight line speed (appears to run in the 4.75-4.85 40 range). Has experience in a pro style offense. Equally adept under center as he is in the shotgun. Has textbook footwork when he sets up as a drop back passer. Has smooth feet in his 3, 5 and 7 step drops when under center. Has a strong arm. Has a compact and really quick release. Can make every throw in the book. Passes thrown on a line seem to pick up steam as they travel. Very accurate to the short and intermediate levels. Puts his receivers in a position to succeed on almost every completion. Throws nearly perfect passes to his check downs. Uses his RB’s in the passing game a lot. Accurate play action passer (vs. Missouri 2018, 3rd quarter, 1st & 10 at the 11:40 mark).giphy.0.gif Changes his arm angle with accuracy easily (vs. Kentucky 2018, 2nd quarter, 1st & 10 at the :35 mark).giphy.0.gif Has good accuracy and arm strength on out routes across the harsh mark (vs. Tennessee 2018, 3rd quarter, 3rd & 8 at the 4:02 mark).giphy.0.gif Can loft a very accurate pass over a defender (vs. Alabama 2018, 1st quarter, 1st & 10 at the 4:34 mark,giphy.0.gif again in a very tight window vs. Alabama 2018, 1st quarter, 2nd & 10 at the 3:16 markgiphy.0.gif and vs. Alabama 2018, 3rd quarter, 1st & 10 at the 12:47 mark).giphy.0.gif Goes thru his progressions (vs. Alabama 2018, 4th quarter, 2nd & 9 at the 4:40 mark).giphy.0.gif Throws an accurate back shoulder pass (vs. Missouri 2018, 3rd quarter, 2nd & 5 at the 7:11 mark).giphy.0.gif Adjusts his footwork in a calm and composed manner when going thru his progressions. Can hit on a deep pass with accuracy at times (vs. Vanderbilt 2018, 1st quarter, 1st & 10 at the 10:30 mark).giphy.0.gif Has really good pocket awareness. Has a feel for the pressure. Protects the ball as he climbs up in the pocket. Keeps his eyes downfield at all times.

Suffered a fishing accident in May of 2018. Got a fishing lure stuck in left leg and had to go to the hospital to have it removed. Suffered a fractured left (non throwing) hand in July of 2018 in another boating incident. Isn’t a great athlete. Strictly a pocket passer. Doesn’t have the speed or athleticism to pick up big yardage with his legs. Isn’t really a fluid mover, agile or have great mobility. Can’t get out of the way of oncoming pass rushers in a hurry. Doesn’t have a really big arm. Passes downfield tend to sail after about 50 yards. Throws mostly short and quick passes. Doesn’t throw many passes on the move. Will under throw his passes when flushed out of the pocket (vs. Tennessee 2018, 4th quarter, 3rd & 9 at the 13:48 mark).giphy.0.gif Passes outside of the pocket tend to be to the short level only.

He’s a QB thru and thru. He has "it". He has next level poise, decision making and accuracy. His accuracy is a special talent. Not many possess such a gift. He can take a sliver of an angle and make a perfect throw. He makes a lot of perfect throws. Above all else he is an unquestionable team leader. He’s the leader of men but he’s one of the younger ones in the room. He carves defenses up with quick and precise cuts. He uses his backs wisely as well as his TE’s and WR’s. He sprays the ball around really well. His ability to deliver a pass where it needs to be and on time is uncanny. He won’t wow at the Combine with his athletic testing or arm strength in comparison to some of the other QB’s with bigger arms but at a scripted Pro Day he will excel tremendously. His accuracy is his calling card and that will shine thru in that setting. He will be somewhat overlooked because he’s not the big arm player and doesn’t attack downfield consistently but he may very well exceed those QB’s drafted ahead of him when it’s all said and done. Mid 1st-early 2nd round.

Coaching/System: OC/QB Coach James Coley was named to his current position in January of 2019 after serving as Co-OC/QB Coach in 2018. He runs a ball control, pro style offense. He plans to open the playbook up more to take advantage of Jake Fromm’s abilities as a passer.

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