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Saturday Morning Dawg Bites

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Photo by Bobby McDuffie/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s only two more weeks! Only one more if you care about what passes for football in the state of Florida. It’s an amazing time to be alive! If the hype is flowing through you the way it is flowing through me, you could probably use a little musical interlude and some Saturday Morning Dawg Bites. Let’s go!

  • If you can't tell, today's theme is HYPE!!! So let's GET HYPE!!!:
  • Good news, everyone! Athlon is here to tell us how every Georgia game on the 2019 schedule will go. If, like me, you think that’s pretty silly, just set your skepticism aside and wait until you get to the graphic. Big, dumb grin plastered across my face.
  • Now, you’re gonna want to sit down for this. It might be silly to predict a college football team’s entire season. But it’s completely mental to try to guess the competitors for each and every one of the 2019 season’s bowl games. Yet, here we are. That said, it doesn’t look like Tech is going bowling and that is a prediction I can get behind.
  • The Macon Telegraph has an intriguing profile of Georgia assistant Charlton Warren... including many facets of the man of which I was completely unaware. But I sure do like everything I’m reading there.
  • And if you’re looking for more profiles, DawgNation has you covered with this piece on Mark Webb. I’m looking forward to hearing his name early and often when the Dawg D is on the field.
  • I know at this time of year it’s easy to be susceptible to unreasonable levels of hype... but from your lips to God’s ears, J.R. Reed.
  • There isn’t a ton here, but it’s worth the click for the headline alone. I could get used to this.
  • BJ Ojulari, the 4-star linebacker from Marietta, committed to Tennessee yesterday. It’s a win for Jeremy Pruitt’s Phil Fulmer’s Vols. Naturally, it’s difficult when a highly-rated, in-state prospect elects to commit elsewhere. Doubly so when his brother (Azeez) plays for the Dawgs. Somehow, I don’t think Kirby is ready to give up on this one just yet.
  • Speaking of recruiting, Dawgs 247 has a nice rundown of all the current prospects with at least a partial Crystal Ball Prediction that has UGA in the mix. There sure are a lot of shiny, shiny stars out their just primed for the pickin’.

That’s it for now, folks. Until later...