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Thursday Morning Dawg Bites Says Cheers

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University Of Georgia Bulldogs Football

We are 16 days from football season. Due to universal laws of time and space, the next two weeks and change will feel like a lunar decade. The shine of the lights off those beautiful red helmets, the smell of those objectively bad stadium hot dogs that are somehow delicious when settling alcohol and pregame nerves, the sound of the lone trumpet blaring out the first notes of the “Battle Hymn of the Bulldog Nation” as men, women, and children stop there chattering and pause in reverence as Munson’s voice echos through Sanford Stadium, all of those sensory pleasures are only a few more than a dozen sleeps away. Though they feel so so far from this moment, they’ll be here soon enough. At that moment all will be right in the universe, and we can fixate on real, live football things instead of wondering why we live in a world so cruel that it only gives us four months of this wonderful sport a year.

For those of you who have been spending your summer days imagining the sights and sounds of the opener in Nashville, you can add drinking cold beer in your seat to the scene. Vanderbilt is hoping that the revenue from selling domestic and craft beers will help fund some facility upgrades. After realizing that a ticket to some Vanderbilt games goes for less than the price of a craft beer, ($6 on StubHub for last year’s Tennessee State game) I can’t knock the logic. After the horrors they’ve witnessed for generations, Vanderbilt fans have more than earned the right to drink while watching their team.

Night game, Nashville, Georgia fans, alcohol... Only one question remains. What is Vanderbilt going to name the building that Dawg fans will end up funding with all the money they spend on booze the night of August 31st?

In other news, Isiah Wilson tells the AJC’s DawgNation that he’s happy to be blocking for Zamir White instead of tackling him. After tearing an ACL in each of the last two years, nobody has more people inside the Georgia program pulling for him than White. With the continued praise he’s received this fall, it is apparent that both players and coaches have been impressed with the way White has attacked the hole so far in camp.

Some Bulldogs were included on CBS Sports’ Preseason All-American team. Andrew Thomas, D’Andre Swift, JR Reed and Rodrigo Blankenship all made the cut.

As part of their coverage of the 150th year of college football, CBS also released their All-Time All-American Team. Herschel Walker made the first-team, Champ Bailey was included with the second-team and David Pollack joined Kevin Butler on the honorable mentions list.

More to come later today with a player profile and an opponent preview.,,

Go Dawgs!