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Saturday Morning Dawg Bites

The sun is out, it’s humid as all get-out, and you have 3 weeks until your Georgia Bulldogs take the field!

NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

That’s right, folks. 3 weeks. 21 days. 20 if you don’t count today.

It’s almost time to tee it up between the hedges!

In the meantime, let’s get you a little musical accompaniment and some tasty Dawg Bites to hold you over.

Let’s Go!

(Author’s Note: The new Grand Vapids album is pretty rad. Support the Athens music scene).

If you’d like some pleasant morning reading, Sports Illustrated has a nice Jake Fromm profile up (and in the August 12 issue of the magazine). There’s no real new information or insight here, but for some reason I just don’t ever get tired of reading Jake Fromm profiles.

Speaking of things I don’t ever get tired of reading (he said sarcastically, setting up his next point), it’s the annual “Richard LeCounte is a better player than last season” article. Well I would certainly hope so, because if he isn’t we need somebody else coaching the secondary. Don’t get me wrong. I love me some Richard LeCounte III. And I like the insight into his development. But it just feels like old hat at this point. I know Kirby was outspoken about him to begin with, but every guy on the team has to have a story like this to one degree or another. Could we not switch it up a little? Maybe it’s just me.

I quite enjoyed this update on Jonathan Ledbetter and his first NFL performance. Hoping he makes the squad.

You’re probably aware that Georgia dismissed linebacker Brenton Cox by now. What you may not have seen yet is that he’s decided to be a Gator (which, honestly, given what we’ve heard bandied about as the reasons for his dismissal, seems like a good fit). Isn’t that special? Reptile Twitter sure seem to think so, as Cox is now the savior that makes up for all of the recruiting shortcomings and transfer portal nightmares of Lil’ Danny Mullens. And since the world is an unjust and cruel place, Cox will almost certainly get an eligibility waiver while Luke Ford rides the pine. That said, let’s just put a pin in this and revisit it at the end of the season to see how Brenton works out for them.

As you may or may not have seen last night, Tank Bigsby chose to ply his trade in West Opelika. Good luck to the young man. On to the next one. DawgNation takes a look at what this says about UGA’s 2020 RB class.

Since we’re still in the time-frame where we’ve got recruiting on the brain (I know, I know... some of us always have recruiting on the brain), here’s a fun, but ultimately meaningless exercise of the “we still have 3 weeks until actual honest-to-God college football” variety. I was genuinely surprised by some of the results.

Finally, it’s time for some Saturday morning Azeez.

Enjoy your Saturday, sportsfans!

Until next time...