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Get Ready For Camp. Erk’s Reminders Demand It

Get A Big Neck!

UGA Sports Communications

Preseason camp’s almost here. There’ll be undoubtedly a whole lot to talk about when that time comes - thankfully, NO QB controversy, but the bottom line is talking season will come to a merciful end.

But if you’re a Georgia fan and that of our friends (at times) in Statesboro, the start of camp mean something else - Erk Russell’s daily reminder calendar.

Chew on these highlights as the start of preseason camp beckons.

Run with vigor and gusto. If they’re not available, run alone. But RUN, RUN, RUN!

Go to church. Hand shiver pew when rising and sitting. Do neck iso while sitting.

Today is off & on day. Get off the sofa and on the field. Get ready for the mile. Run men, run!

Thing Big today. Get a Big neck. Run a Big mile.

There’s nothing like being a Bulldog on a Saturday night after a football victory. Run to win!

When the roll is called up yonder in Athens, I’ll be there! Go to church in the morning, run in the afternoon!

Today’s appeal. Roses are red, violets are blue. Coach’s kids like to it, coaches do, too. Please get in shape.

Notice to all Georgia players. I call on you for extra effort and sacrifice in 1969. For the first time since 1965, the Dogs will play without Dicks. (

Today is a day of rest. That means go to Sunday school and church and run the rest of the day. Ask the preacher to run, too.

Old Chinese proverb: Bulldog who report with stomach hanging over belt soon get hangover from big belt in stomach.

Last Sunday at home. Go to church, say a prayer for the Dogs. Remember, “he who runneth not getteth not in shape and loseth all his games.”

Physicals and pictures today. Steaks for those who make their weights, water and jello for those who do not,

Today’s lecture will concern the hereafter. If you’re not here what I’m after, I’ll be here after you’re gone.

Go Dawgs!