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Dawg Sports Asks: What’s Your Most Satisfying UGA Beatdown?

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What’s your favorite domination of a UGA opponent?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 24 Georgia Tech at Georgia Photo by Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We all have memories of them, the emotions are still sweet to savor - beatdowns of Georgia’s opponents.

To Kirb Stomp an opponent is one thing. Doing it in a game that means more, however, is even better.

Obviously, there’s hope to the Dawgs to hand out a lot of beatdowns this fall. Which brings the question - what’s the most satisfying beatdown by the Bulldogs that you have witnessed?

Here’s a few of note:

1985 against Florida

It was typical of many games before the Head Ball Coach arrived in Gainesville - also known as when UF fans consider football to have really began. In 1985, Florida rolled into Jacksonville ranked No. 1 for the first time ever. All Georgia did was dominate 27-3.

2002 against Georgia Tech...aka 51-7

This was straight-up domination. If the win the year before in Richt’s first season showed Georgia was in control of the Clean Old Fashioned Hate rivalry, this one showed the intent to have a chokehold on it. The fact that the 51-7 punchline still lingered after the game rates this one up there.

2017’s Tennessee Shutout. 41-0

For our North Georgia Dawgs, it does not get much sweeter than embarrassing Tennessee in their house, not to mention playing a role in forcing a coaching change.

See ya, HBC

The 2015 season may have been frustrating, the sending Spurrier out in his last game against Georgia with a 52-20 loss was nothing to be upset about - especially for anyone who witnessed the hanging of 50 against Georgia in Athens by Spurrier...and hearing him brag about it.

2004: LSU Revenge

It was the biggest home game since Herschel stalked the goal line, and the result did not disappoint with Georgia getting 45-16 revenge on the LSU team that kept it from a national title shot the season before.

2018: The day the triple option died

Georgia did not just beat Tech this day. It showed the immense talent gap between a program led by Kirby Smart as opposed to Paul Johnson. We can’t prove that it forced Paul Johnson’s retirement, but Kirby Smart did note after the game that...”If you don’t want to play against it then beat them every year and pretty soon you won’t have to.”

The problem was solved with Johnson’s retirement.

Mullen gets Kirby’d in 2017

So here we were. Here comes Dan Mullen and State after a big win against LSU. Many tabbed the Bizzaro Dogs for the upset in Athens. It didn’t happen, not anywhere close to it, as it typically has not when Kirby Smart and Dan Mullen have gone head to head.

The bigger picture of this win? It was the defining moment when Kirby Smart’s stamp on the program was fully visible, and the message that it was a new day in Athens was very clear.

Go Dawgs!