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Nike drops new Air Zoom Pegasus 36 shoe collection, including Georgia Bulldog designs

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Here’s where you can order your new pair before the season kicks off.

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With SEC Media Days safely in the rear view it’s time for another college football tradition of relatively recent vintage: Nike’s annual release of their college-themed trainers. For those who aren’t aware, the shoe giant began releasing designs for most of the major college football powers several years ago in the lead up to the season.

What started as a minor curiosity has actual become a legitimate red-letter day for sneaker heads. You can see this year’s UGA-themed Pegasus 36 trainers for men and women below. Honestly I like this year’s designs significantly more than last year’s. They’re definitively Georgia Bulldog gear, but also maintain clean styling that doesn’t feel over-the-top or forced. It’s actually a good looking, high performance athletic shoe that also allows you to remind people that you’re a fan of the team that’s better than their team. Which is nice.

The annual Nike Georgia-themed shoes have dropped!

And they’re available for men and women in a new style as well. Check them out here!