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Kirby Smart Wants You To Do More And Nowadays There’s A Shirt For That

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NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, Kirby Smart announced at SEC Media Days this week that his team’s slogan for 2019 is “Do More.” The season is simple, as the Top ‘Dawg explained about the new motto:

“We like it because we understand how close we’ve been to taking the next step. And although 24-5 the last two seasons is good, it’s not good enough. It’s not where we expect to be at the University of Georgia. Our mission is to bridge that gap by the actions we take. Hence, ‘Do more.’”

Our friends at BreakingT have taken the rallying cry and run with it, creating a new tee shirt for those who, as Kirby might put it, all want to eat.

I have to admit, I like it. And not just because I’m a visor aficionado. I’m also a huge fan of direct, actionable slogans and Kirby Smart.

You can get your own “Do More” shirt right here. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!