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Dawg Sports wants to know: Choose your own schadenfreude

NCAA Football: Peach Bowl-Florida vs Michigan Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

We all want good things to happen during the upcoming college football season for the Georgia Bulldogs.

But failing that, we have to content ourselves with the misery of our rivals. One of the great pleasures of college football is watching your favorite school’s rivals suffer a miserable defeat. And given the Red and Black’s long list of natural rivals, every Saturday this fall will provide opportunities to prove out the old adage that suffering builds character, and also makes for great television.

So I ask you, Dawg Sports commentariat: what one specific bad thing do you want to see happen to one specific UGA rival?

Before you answer, two ground rules. One, I’m looking for something particular. “I want Auburn to have a losing season” ain’t going to do it. That’s like saying “Chocolate is good” or “water is wet.” It’s such a no-brainer even an Auburn grad can understand it. No, I want one particular game, play, or off-field episode. The more agonizing detail, the better.

Second, it cannot involve the Georgia Bulldogs. Hoping the Classic City Canines beat Dan Mullen’s Florida Gators so badly they have to get medical clearance to chew gum is something we all want. You’re not breaking new ground there. It’s okay to say you want a Bulldog rival to be humiliated, and how. But it has to be at the hands of someone else.

Dont let us down, gang. If anyone can script out misery in painstaking detail, it’s Bulldog fans. Go to it. And...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!