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Grizzard’s Greatest Quote? We’ve Got A Bracket For It!

Bubba and Earl are sittin’ on the 50...

Illustration: Jack Davis

Years after his death, Lewis Grizzard remains one of the greatest voices of the South.

His wit and wisdom that celebrated the region and things that many of us love - family, BBQ and Georgia football - elevates him to revered status to both many a Southerner and Bulldog fan.

We all have many fond memories of Lewis, either from his comedy routines, AJC columns, some of which gleefully poked fun at Georgia’s rivals or other interactions.

But what was Lewis Grizzard’s greatest quote?

Get ready to vote! In the coming weeks, we’ll give you a chance to make your voice heard as DawgSports selects quotes from Lewis.

And as we celebrate Lewis Grizzard, we’ve even broken them down to four areas he held dear - food & bbq, the South, the Bulldogs and life in general.

Stay tuned - the first bracket vote goes live this week!

Go Dawgs!