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Free Form Friday: Go Put ‘Em On The Mountain

BB&T Atlanta Open - Day 2 Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

It’s Friday again, and it’s not college football season yet. So it’s time for another installment of Free Form Friday, the always scattered, occasionally smothered, and sometimes chunked thing we do Until toe again meets leather. Maestro, the music:

Today’s topic is...greatness. Not generally, but as it specifically relates to University of Georgia football. The question for the group is this: what four players/coaches/boosters would you put on the Mount Rushmore of Georgia Bulldog football?

Here’s the criteria. Obviously overall outstanding contribution to the program is a given. But I’m also looking for those whose influence spanned the years. And I’m also looking for names from across the program’s history. You may believe Kirby Smart is the Bulldogs’ greatest coach, Jake Fromm its greatest quarterback, and Nick Chubb the greatest tailback not named Herschel. But that threesome would display an awful lot of recency bias. So dig deeper.

And speaking of the Goal Line Stalker, I’m just inserting him in one of the four slots as a given unless you can make a truly powerful argument that he doesn’t belong. If you can, go for it. Let’s see what you’ve got, commentariat.

Go ‘Dawgs!