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Call It Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium

And it’s about Dawg Gone Time

Few honors in Athens are more fitting than Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.
UGA Sports Communications

We’ll just call this one like it is.

About Dawg-Gone Time.

Starting this fall, Sanford Stadium will be known as Dooley Field at Sanford Stadium.

A motion for the naming has been forwarded to the University System’s Board of Regent for their May 14 meeting. But given that UGA already has plans for the naming to be celebrated and christened on Sept. 7 against Murray State, that May 14 meeting is a mere formality.

Dooley’s legacy at Georgia has two prongs. One, of course, is that of elevating the Bulldogs on-field stature as college football grew, the high point of course being a national title in 1980. The other aspect was shepherding Georgia’s other programs as athletics director, hiring two hall-of-fame coaches - Andy Landers (women’s basketball), Suzanne Yoculan (gymnastics) while also seeing the swimming and diving program become nationally elite and the baseball program become the first SEC team to win a national title.

It’s inexcusable that this honor has taken so long, frankly. Much of that is due to a former University of Georgia President whose name does not warrant mentioning in this space.

It was embarrassing that our ‘friendly’ rivals to the west in East Alabama quickly bestowed a similar honor to Pat Dye, who unlike Dooley never captured a national title.

It’s taken some time, but its refreshing to see that the right thing is being done, and that honor will now forever rest Between The Hedges.

Go Dawgs!