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‘Dawging The Draft: Georgia players waiting for the call tonight

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The 2019 NFL Draft kicks off tonight with live coverage of the first round beginning at 8:00 pm Athens time across the ABC/ESPN/House of Mouse family of networks.

While Georgia has a strong contingent of draft-eligible players, cornerback Deandre Baker is the only one likely to hear his name called tonight. Late in the 2018 season Baker was viewed as a can’t miss top 15 and even top 10 pick. Baker finishing his final two seasons in Athens without giving up a touchdown. This despite facing top receivers like Mizzou’s Emmanuel Hall, South Carolina’s Deebo Samuel, and Alabama’s Jerry Jeudy. It’s no stretch to say that Baker May be the top cover corner available, and is no worse than the third best at a position that is highly prized by NFL teams.

Working against his early selection are some rumblings about teams’ concern that he not only elected to skip playing in the Sugar Bowl, but was rumored to be a bit of a distraction while in New Orleans. There are also the usual vague rumors that his one-on-one meetings with teams may not have inspired confidence either.

I suspect some of this is misinformation and sandbagging from teams hoping Baker falls their way. But we’ll know soon enough.

This will serve as the Open Thread to discuss UGA players, as well as whatever crimes against common sense various NFL teams manage to commit. I’m looking at you, Redskins. You’re going to do something terrible, and I can’t wait to see what it is. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!