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Tuesdays With Kirby: Head Bulldog Frustrated By Player Arrests, Taking Responsibility

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

If it’s Tuesday and the Georgia Bulldogs practiced then it’s time to hear from the top ‘Dawg himself. Welcome to Tuesday with Kirby.

The hot topic this afternoon was obviously the afternoon arrest of veteran defensive players Robert Beal and Brenton Cox on marijuana possession charges. Coach Smart sounds understandably frustrated by the situation. Yes, it’s marijuana and yes they’re college students and yes, we’ve made pretty clear in this space that those two mixing probably shouldn’t surprise or infuriate you.

But the fifth and sixth arrests in a month, during spring practice, should probably be cause for some of the veteran leaders Kirby has lauded this spring to consider how they might express that leadership a little more forcefully. Also, they should make sure everyone’s drivers license is up to date. If they need help, I know a guy.

Kirby also talked about the intriguing experiment which appeared to bring 6’4, 250 pound linebacker Walter Grant into the offensive backfield to play a little tailback and tight end. It sounds like a bit of a depth play at this point, but as someone who saw Grant handle the ball in high school, I’m not that surprised. That being said, if we’re moving potential All-SEC linebackers to H-back on any sort of permanent basis then we’re dealing with a real depth imbalance indeed.

There are also some comments on the ever-elusive “havoc plays” the Chapel Bell Curve gang have been so fired up about for years, more thoughts on the absolutely stacked future football schedules and the thought process behind them, and a little sprinkling of injury news. Give it a look and listen, and...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!