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Video: Big Ben Cleveland throwing around iron is nuts

NCAA Football: Georgia Spring Game Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia’s strength and conditioning staff is pretty active on social media, posting both their own “Throwdown Thursday” challenges and occasionally giving a glimpse of what Bulldog players are doing in the weight room.

That includes this video of UGA offensive lineman Ben Cleveland doing something you and I will never do:

For the uninitiated, that lift is called the power clean. It’s unique in that it requires a combination of upper body strength, lower body strength, and coordination to pull the weight off the ground, settle under it, and power back up into a standing position. As one S&C coach I know refers to it, the power clean is “the ultimate athlete’s lift.” If you want to know how strong/explosive a player is, watch him power clean. Most people would have trouble properly ‘cleaning their own body weight.

Big Ben apparently throws up 405 pounds with relative ease. It’s worth also noting that this lift is harder for taller players because they have to both get the weight up higher to get under it and/or have to be quick to then get set below it. Nick Chubb was recorded last year cleaning 405, but at 5’11 he’s moving that weight on a much shorter arc (though his technique is excellent). A 405 lb. power clean is very impressive. A 405 power clean for a guy who stands 6’7 is just, wowza. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!