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The Giddy Up Report: Dawgs Trample #4 Gamecocks

The rollercoaster ride that is the 2018-19 Equestrian season reaches another peak... stay tuned for next week’s valley...

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I thought long and hard about how to incorporate the mascot of the University of South Carolina into this week’s headline a la Lewis Grizzard. I’m sure there are some good riding euphemisms I could have gone with. But, frankly, the man did it the best it’s ever been done and I don’t see much point in serving as a pale imitation. That said, my mind still being in the gutter as it was, I decided to instead bring you this tasteless semi-horse-themed musical pivot:

In my horse-related popular music wheelhouse, I was bound to get to it sooner or later. Let’s just be thankful I got it out of my system and move on with our lives.

The #7 Georgia Bulldogs continued a season I just can’t figure out this past weekend. After losing to Baylor, they returned to Athens to take on the #4 Gamecocks of South Carolina. Would we see the Dawgs who defeated the #2 Texas A&M Aggies twice in the same season? Or the Dawgs that crumbled against the University of Tennessee-Martin Skyhawks?

In what was their final time riding for Georgia, the Seniors ultimately made the difference against the Gamecocks. During the competition, Emma Mandarino and Graysen Stroud both won Most Outstanding Performance honors (in Equitation Over Fences and Reining, respectively) and the group scored 3 of Georgia’s points. Less veteran team members then chipped in to what would ultimately be a dominant performance.

To begin the day, Sydney Hutchins, Maddy Darst, Hayley Mairano, and Mandarino all scored in Equitation Over Fences. When the headline says the Dawgs “trampled” the Gamecocks, this is what I was referring to. The Dawgs took a 4-1 victory out of the event. Following a closer 3-2 win in Horsemanship (glad to see that’s becoming a trend), the Dawgs rode to a 7-3 lead at the half.

Reining and Equitation on the Flat were similarly close at 3-2 and occasionally looked like they might go the other way. However, Mairaino posted a 10-point win over her competitor in Equitation on the Flat to lock down the 13-7 victory for the Dawgs. Though Georgia still holds a sub-.500 record, they are now in the black at 3-2 in SEC play.

Georgia concludes the regular season next week at #1 Auburn. I know they’ve really beefed up security around there (re: the fanbase), but if you plan on travelling to see the Dawgs, I implore you to leave your personal livestock at home... it’s for their own safety and there are some things you can’t unsee.

Until later...