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Georgia takes on streaking Gators

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Georgia
Yeah coach that’s sort of how we’ve all felt.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Crean’s squad continues its inexorable march toward, well, the end of the season with an 8:30 tip on SEC Network against the hated Florida Gators in Gainesville.

Georgia has lost nine straight games. Florida, following a recent 71-55 victory over Vandy, was won five in a row. While the Gators struggled early, they are clearly headed in the right direction. Georgia, I happen to think, I’d as well, albeit without as much tangible proof in the record books. But a road win over the Gators would certainly be something toward which to point.

As a reminder, the ‘‘Dawgs are looking for a conference win down the stretch, any conference win, to avoid setting a new team record for conference losses. So there’s also that. Go ‘Dawgs.