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The Giddy Up Report: #1 Tigers Put the Dawgs Out to Pasture

Just like footba... Oh, wait.

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This past weekend’s trek to Alabama did not go well. Mood:

Coming off a victory over South Carolina, the Dawgs headed to West Opelika over the weekend to take on the #1 Tigers of Auburn. Given the up and down nature of the season, I don’t think anyone thought that facing a 13-0 squad was going to be an easy task. That said, I certainly didn’t expect the absolute beatdown that the Tigers handed the Dawgs.

Things got off to a rocky start in Horsemanship, with the Dawgs falling to the Plainswomen 4-1. The lone victory in the event came from Sara Lewis (Fr.). Equitation on the Flat spiraled similarly, with Maddy Darst (Jr.) the only victor as the Dawgs once again lost the event 4-1. At this point, our beloved Bulldogs found themselves going to the half at a virtually insurmountable 8-2 deficit. The final two events simply added insult to injury as the Dawgs fell 4-1 again in Equitation Over Fences and a surrendered a season-worst 5-0 in Reining.

All in all, it was a forgettable day for the Dawgs. And they’ll need to forget quickly because March 29th they’ll be in College Station (where they’ve had some unexpected success) taking part in the SEC Championships. Only time will tell if they can put this behind them and get back in the saddle.

Until then...