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Super Bowl: Who’s A Dawg Fan To Cheer For?

“I just hope everybody has fun”

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Los Angeles Rams Press Conference
Regardless, RBU will have a Super Bowl Champion on Sunday.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you get into the Super Bowl, some of you don’t.

That said, one nice thing about this year’s matchup is that there’s a strong rooting interest on both sides between the Patriots and the Rams.

So as a Bulldog fan, who’s the team to cheer for?

The case for the Patriots

Unless you are actually from Boston or have ties to the area, most people in God’s Country (that’s Georgia, by the way) cheering for the Pats are similar to folks watching Star Wars and rooting for The Empire.

Much like Bama, the Pats have the generation’s greatest coach and QB. Even if they may win using questionable tactics, you can’t not respect it.

But with Georgia players on the roster, it’s a bit easier to cheer for them.

Would it be great to see Sony Michel win a ring along with Isaiah Wynn plus seeing David “Boss” Andrews celebrate another big win? Of course. But odds are good that this is not the last chance for the Patriots to win a title. If they do not win this one, odds are strong they will have another shot.

UGA Sports Communications

Which brings us to...The Rams,

Not only would it be great for Todd Gurley and Ramik Wilson win a Lombardi, but it would make Gurley larger than life. Besides...if Sony Michel has to lose a Super Bowl, about the only player on the other side to be happy to see him lose it to would be Gurley...or next year if Nick Chubb and the Browns knock the Pats out of the postseason.

Here’s to hoping that it’s a close game and both Gurley and Michel go for plus-100....and the evil empire of the Patriots losing.

Go NFL Dawgs!