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The Giddy Up Report: Dawgs Fall to Bears in Waco

I’m almost certain Art Briles was involved somehow...

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Let’s begin by setting the mood:

When last our intrepid Equestrian Dawgs took to the equine battlefield, they absolutely throttled the #2 Texas A&M Aggies in Athens (sweeping the series and putting Jimmy Sexton on tilt as he tried to secure the A&M equestrian job for Jimbo Fisher). But as with the last time the Dawgs defeated the Aggies, the follow up performance was less than stellar.

Over the weekend, the Dawgs traveled to Waco to take on the #5 Bears of Baylor. To start with the positives, Graysen Stroud earned her second Most Outstanding Performer award with a dominant performance in Horsemanship. Speaking of horsemanship, the Dawgs were able to tie the event, which has consistently been in the loss column in recent competitions, so that’s a step in the right direction.

And everything else was pretty much a let down after the absolute thumping the Dawgs gave the Aggies. Ali Tritschler and Sydney Hutchins both defeated their opponents in Equitation Over Fences, but the Dawgs fell to the Bears 3-2. Stroud and Jordan Carpenter scored in Reining, but the Dawgs dropped the event 3-2 again. After the aforementioned 2-2 tie in Horsemanship, Georgia ultimately gave up another 3-2 score in Equitation on the Flat and the Bears took the day with an 11-8 score.

Georgia is almost certain to fall from its previous #7 ranking before facing South Carolina in the final home event of the season this Saturday. They’ll then round out the regular season with a visit to West Opelika on March 8.

Until then...