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Not Another Offseason Monday: It’s All About Survival

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Georgia vs Texas
Sure, Kirby might scream at you to weave the fishing net tighter. But it’s only because he wants all of y’all to eat.
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Monday, and you just survived another weekend with no college football in sight. Congratulations on your fortitude and wily knack for survival.

Obviously if this were college football season we’d be both recapping the prior weekend’s action and looking forward to the week ahead in this spot. Sadly, you’re a solid 26 weeks away from actual college football.

In the absence of gridiron competition I thought it would be worthwhile for us to flex our mental muscles in another way. Hence I’m pleased to bring you this, the first installment of Not Another Offseason Monday.

Each Monday (okay, most Mondays) I’ll be proposing a mental challenge/ problem/ scenario, perhaps college sports related, perhaps not. You’ll respond using a blend of smarts and cunning. It should be fun, and if it isn’t we’ll give you your Dawg Sports subscription money back. How can you beat that?

Our first question is a classic from Free Form Friday several years ago: If you had to be marooned on a desert island with an SEC football coach, who would you choose?

Each has their pros and cons, their skills and potential shortcomings. Nick Saban is small, and probably wouldn’t need as much food as say Will Muschamp. He’s also fiendishly organized, which could come in handy. He’s also a risk to “process” you in your sleep if he feels you aren’t pulling your weight.

Ed Orgeron should keep you well-supplied with protein as “surviving off meat stuffs killed with your bare hands” is the unofficial state sport of Louisiana. He also might kill one of you in an over-enthusiastic cliff-diving accident.

Derek Mason has spent most of his career at Vandy subsisting off disappointment and scant resources. But his penchant for wearing vests in even tropical climes seems like a risky survival practice.

And Jeremy Pruitt, absent some SPF 50 washing up on the shore, is probably going to be too sunburned to be of much help for the first few weeks.

So choose your companion wisely in ththe comments below, and...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!!