Bad Things Man, Bad Things

Before we begin, let us remember an ancient age, a former time, when you could touch a quarterback, and it was, not only allowed, but celebrated.

Now, forgive me, but I can't imbed on this thing.

But, knowing that so many people, may think I am going to say bad things about Jake Fromm, I offer only this

So, let use begin

After Saturday's debacle loss to a State that is now thankful Virginia is even more racist, Coach Crean said this, mildly reported, and probably not purported, words:

"Because I’m the one who decided to keep these guys. And I get it, because the last thing I can do with making decisions on keeping guys in the program in the spring, is now overly get mad at them because I’m the one who made the decision.

"I live with that every day, and it doesn’t mean that they’re not great kids. But very few programs, when there’s a takeover, when you have guys who haven’t done it at any point really in their career, a lot of those guys move on. That’s what happens when there’s a job change. And I didn’t do that. And I’m not going to complain. And we’ve just got to do everything we can to fix it."

Now that right there, is the quote from

good ole sea of blue. "we only win in basketball, so we get to say w/e" site.

Well, and rightfully so, that quote is gaining attention.

But can we break it down, just a lil?

Coach Tom Crean, pre season, inherited the #13 team in the conference. On top of a Georgia history and tradition that has cared nothing for mens basketball. You could ask Georgia fans "SECCG or NCAA Men's Championship?" and get a split poll.

I think we have to look and understand a few things. Is CTC the devil? Do we hate him? Is it time to fire him? Or did he just say, under duress, exactly what is a) the truth and b) what we have all thought/said anyhow? Yes, it was a bad statement. No, I dont like it. Yes, I think he regrets it. No, I don't think it is earth redefining.

Kirby Smart repeatedly talked about "depth" "roster" "players" and we didnt bat an eye. Well, to be honest, the difference between where Kirby was, and where he wanted to go, and where Coach Crean is, and where _maybe_ we could go, is astronomical. Coach Crean has, week in, and week out, talked about these things:

"work' "mentality"

Did he just magically pull this out of the air?

no. I say "our team sucks bad" and the choir goes "amen". And the path to change and the path to change....wait. The path to not being #13 is truth. I say we suck all the time. Coach - well, Tom, you shouldnt say that bro. Do better with your frustrations.

But the truth, well, it's the truth.

PS - Sea of Blue - get over yourselves.

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