LSU had cellphones taking pictures. Georgia did not.

We’ve been here. A lot. Some of us even In High school as players....

No need to celebrate till afterward when you win. Act like you’ve been there before. Go Dawgs!

they are in for a reckoning tomorrow I’m telling you

I’m the only one in the country who thinks LSU might have a little trouble moving the football tomorrow !!! Might encounter a few "problems in the pocket"

I don’t think they know what they are in for with this particular defense We are nasty and disruptive. You can get some yards and first downs sometimes when we allow you to do so. until you dont anymore..... So sorry. You may score some points but I doubt it will be too many really

11 Hats to the football tomorrow boys Sound assignments. No stupid shit.

Glory glory.... Go Dawgs and Let Larry be with us! "LORAN, whaddya got?"

~sheepishly. "Well Larry, LSU’s offense is scary, Everyone says so... I’m scared too"

The Great Munson in the Sky: "Thanks Loran .... well the Dawgs have it 1st and 10, from their own 27 yard line, and they need to get moving here. LSU and Georgia, tied 0-0, clock moving at 4:24 left to go in the first period, after four consecutive punts to open the game. , two by the tigers and two by the dawgs, and so we’re scoreless here in the first quarter, and I just don’t see how we’re gonna ever score or ever stop them enough to cover them enough to even slow them down for 4 quarters and Jake needs to get us going here. ."

Fromm under center... 1st and 10. Dawgs in the I (please) with Swift... Two receivers right, one left... moving from right to left... LSU, sneaking up, .Snap it, Fake the toss to Swift, From rolling right, he’s looking downfield,... COMPLETE! over tthe middle to Blaylock at the 50!!!!!! breaks the tackle, crossing the 40,30,25,20,10,5, Touchdown Dawgs!!!!!! Dominick Blaylock!!!!! Jake From hit him in stride at the 50 and he made their guy miss and he took it all the way 73 yards for the score to give the Dawgs the lead!

"He got out in front of him, and he just made the guy miss and he broke the tackle, and I broke my chair. he was off to the races tho. What a play... DAWGS 6 TIGERS nothing as Rodrogo comes on to knock through the extra point..."

Ive got a great weird feeling about this one

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