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Three Keys To Beating the Bayou Bengals

Georgia needs to control the game in more ways than one

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 23 Texas A&M at Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last week during Thanksgiving, when I told a family member that yes, Georgia could beat LSU, I got a reaction similar to when a Georgia fan hears that Florida is “closing the gap.”

Here’s the thing, though. Georgia CAN beat LSU on Saturday. In my mind, it needs to do these three things.

Control the ball, control the ball...

The best way to slow down Joe Burrow and whatever Joe Brady dials up? Georgia needs to drive the ball and eat clock. It’s not too different than the last time these teams played in Atlanta, where Georgia for a half or so, had the gameplan to shut LSU down, eating up time - a plan that came undone with an ill-executed punt to the Honey Badger.

Which brings up the second key....

Start strong, finish strong

More times that Georgia fans wish to hear, Georgia has not finished off opponents this year. Minus South Carolina, Georgia has not been burned by that plan, but those teams are not LSU. Georgia, unlike it has in two losses at The Benz, needs to not let the opponent be in position to win late.

Outphysical LSU

Up front on defense, Georgia needs to create havoc and lots of it. That could be a big key against an LSU team that has not faced much offensive adversity. A team not used to that can become mentally undone at times, and Georgia has a chance to claim momentum if it can get to Burrow early.

When Georgia has the ball? It’s simple. The offensive line needs to play up to its biling and protect Fromm and impose its will in the trenches.

Go Dawgs!