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Dawg Bites is coming in hot toward “Hotlanta”

Remember that 2005 game? That was great

Kentucky v Georgia Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

LSU and Georgia in the SEC title game? There is in fact some history to consider.

It can be argued that the 2005 SECCG may have been the apex of the Richt era...and even brighter had Shockley not missed the WLOCP. A team that was pegged to take a step back? All it did was win the East and stun LSU. In that moment, it was a good assumption that for the forseeable future, Georgia would own the East and have all things in its corner...especially with Matthew Stafford coming in. Then that elation ended with the Sugar Bowl, and it can be argued that Richt lost some goodwill in that game that never came back.

Speaking of SEC championships of years past, a key piece of the offense from 2002, JT Wall, a fullback (yes, they existed, then) will try to coach his alma mater, John Milledge to a state title on Friday in the GISA title game at Mercer.

Chalk up another Hot Rod award.

Juice Flow: Engage

An underrated part of the video was a subtle reference to wanting to eat

Cue to ‘Shut up, Gary!” response, but the CBS analyst thinks that Jake Fromm will show up on Saturday.’ll be awkward in the second half when Danielson is stumping for Alabama to be invited to the Outback Bowl

We all have desires of what the Georgia offense should be able to do. UGA’s rivals site takes a bit of a deeper dive.

The Red & Black talks about Georgia’s depleted receivers eager to prove itself on Saturday...and that may be very badly needed.

Call me crazy, but this feels like a game that if Georgia wins, it could be a big day for Tyler Simmons...think Michael Johnson against Auburn.

For Georgia’s sake, here’s to a heated celebration on the town formerly known as “Hotlanta”

Go Dawgs!